Jinan Ever-Growing Rubber Additive Co., Ltd.

Jinan Ever-growing Rubber Additive Co. Ltd is specialized in rubber chemicals research and development, production and sale of the scientific and technological enterprises, the company set up under the Jinan Development Zone tomorrow Institute for New Technologies, the company located in Jinan City, Shandong Province high-tech area. As a professional of the rubber chemicals manufacturers and suppliers, now has a group of auxiliary-specialized in rubber chemicals technical service

And product R & D staff to reassure customers use the company′s various types of rubber chemicals. At the same time, for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises rubber processing technology of thin, rubber processing companies in particular launch production of technical guidance to help SMEs security, the right production operations.

Scientific research, manufacture and marketing of organically combined for a one-rubber chemicals are the characteristics of the company. The company has been formed to research and development, production of rubber curing agent-based, rubber processing aid supplemented, to add special adhesive HRH series of variety; Their products widely used in steel tires (all-steel radial tire, semi-steel radial tire), transport belt And miscellaneous pieces of rubber hose and products, products that meet the requirements of high-end rubber products, but also reduce manufacturing costs.

Jinan evergrowing Rubber additeve are willing to join hands with their peers for the rubber industry flourished work together!